How the city's marginalized communities have historically used sports as a tool for resilience and resistance

Heartbreak City

Seattle Sports and the Unmet Promise of Urban Progress

By Shaun Scott




Illuminates a Cold War transpacific drama played out across US campuses

Island X

Taiwanese Student Migrants, Campus Spies, and Cold War Activism

Wendy Cheng




Unapologetically brings gay rodeo out of the closet

Slapping Leather

Queer Cowfolx at the Gay Rodeo

By Elyssa Ford and Rebecca Scofield





Reveals how knowledge from the margins shapes infrastructures

Hacking the Underground

Disability, Infrastructure, and London’s Public Transport System

By Raquel Velho




An astounding new set of biographical portraits in Japanese American history

The Unknown Great

Stories of Japanese Americans at the Margins of History

Greg Robinson




Untangles how data shapes and is shaped by queer worlds

Queer Data Studies

By Patrick Keilty





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