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Submitting Your Manuscript for Review

If your acquisitions editor invites you to submit your complete manuscript for review, please send it by email as a single, consecutively paginated Word file. Please include a separate Word file with a sample of the illustrations you hope to include if any. Given the editorial attention and resources associated with the manuscript review, the University of Washington Press requires exclusive submission at this stage.


After our initial review of your manuscript, we may send it out for external peer review to two or more experts in your field. For each book that we publish, we require successful external peer review and approval by our press committee, composed of University of Washington faculty. When you submit your manuscript for review, we welcome your suggestions for potential expert evaluators of your manuscript.


After your manuscript has successfully passed through peer review and received press committee approval, and you have completed all final revisions, please follow the guidelines below for Submitting Your Final Manuscript to allow for smooth progress through the editorial, design, and production process.


Submitting Your Final Manuscript

After your manuscript has been successfully peer-reviewed and approved for publication by our press committee, please prepare your final materials according to the documents below, which explain in detail how to prepare your final manuscript files and artwork for submission. Please also complete the Marketing Questionnaire, which provides us with essential information to promote your book.


Manuscript Preparation Guidelines

Illustration Preparation Instructions

Illustration Log

Cover Design Form

Final Submission Checklist

Marketing Questionnaire