De La Torre, Feminista Frequencies

How Chicana and Chicano community radio strengthened a movement and transformed the airwaves

Feminista Frequencies
Community Building through Radio in the Yakima Valley

By Monica De La Torre

How a public-private partnership created an iconic Pacific Northwest park

Seattle’s Olympic Sculpture Park
A Place for Art, Environment, and an Open Mind

Edited by Mimi Gardner Gates

Copublished with Seattle Art Museum

A Drum in One Hand, a Sockeye in the Other. By Charlotte Coté.

Centers the crucial role of Indigenous food in cultural revitalization and healing

A Drum in One Hand, a Sockeye in the Other
Stories of Indigenous Food Sovereignty from the Northwest Coast

By Charlotte Coté


Transforms our understanding of Louisiana Creole community identity formation and practice

Louisiana Creole Peoplehood
Afro-Indigeneity and Community

Edited by Rain Prud’homme-Cranford, Darryl Barthé, and Andrew J. Jolivétte

Janice Mirikitani. Awake in the River and Shedding Silence.

Groundbreaking poems in Asian American feminist literature

Awake in the River and Shedding Silence

By Janice Mirikitani

New in paperback - Bunn-Marcuse & Jonaitis, Unsettling Native Art Histories on the Northwest Coast

Now in paperback—new essays acknowledge Native authority, indigenize cultural narratives, and disrupt the colonialist legacy

Unsettling Native Art Histories on the Northwest Coast

Edited by Kathryn Bunn-Marcuse and Aldona Jonaitis

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  • The Hauntings of Local History: Peter Boag on “Pioneering Death”
    Admittedly, I see the world in terms of darkness rather than light, and in history as in life, I am drawn more to stories of human pathos than to tales of human triumph. I am bemused by “rosy retrospection”—the penchant of many to reflect on the positives of the past rather than on the negatives […]
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