A fascinating guide to the secret worlds of the intertidal zone

Between the Tides in California

Exploring Beaches and Tidepools

By Ryan P. Kelly, Terrie Klinger, Patrick J. Krug, and John J. Meyer.

An abundantly illustrated look at how queerness is performed within artistic practice

Queer World Making

Contemporary Middle Eastern Diasporic Art

By Andrew Gayed

Highlights the role of creative expression in exposing, preventing, and combatting sexual violence

Art, Activism, Sexual Violence

By Sally L. Kitch, and Dawn R. Gilpin

Transforms our understanding of being unhoused in the United States

Tent City, Seattle

Refusing Homelessness and Making a Home

By Tony Sparks

Explores the Skidegate model village carved by Haida artists for the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair

Skidegate House Models

From Haida Gwaii to the Chicago World’s Fair and Beyond

By Robin K. Wright

Investigates how the CIA tried to influence scholars and governments

Cold War Deceptions

The Asia Foundation and the CIA

By David H. Price

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  • Between the Tides in California: Q&A with Authors Ryan P. Kelly, Terrie Klinger, Patrick J. Krug, and John J. Meyer
    The vast and diverse California coast is an awe-inspiring place of exploration and discovery, full of life forms that are shockingly unfamiliar. In the newly released guidebook Between the Tides in California—a follow-up to the popular Between the Tides in Washington and Oregon—scientific experts reveal the hidden worlds of the intertidal zone, profiling sites from […]
  • Celebrate Earth Month: Books in Environmental Studies
    For Earth Month 2024, we invite you to explore environmental awareness, advocacy, and resilience through curated reading lists. Browse books in environmental studies below and don’t miss our past selection of books on the natural world with a focus on the Pacific Northwest. Capturing Glaciers: A History of Repeat Photography and Global WarmingPhotographs of receding […]
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