Learn how Gandhi's dietary experiments were tied to his beliefs

Gandhi’s Search for the Perfect Diet
Eating with the World in Mind
By Nico Slate

Discover the fascinating relationship between food, culture, and place in Alaska

The Whale and the Cupcake
Stories of Subsistence, Longing, and Community in Alaska
By Julia O’Malley

Explore the complex history of Indians' claim to regulatory power in their reserved homelands

Reclaiming the Reservation
Histories of Indian Sovereignty Suppressed and Renewed
By Alexandra Harmon

Discover Dakota Sioux artist Mary Sully's stunning portfolio of artwork

Becoming Mary Sully
Toward an American Indian Abstract
By Philip J. Deloria

Examine the role of school photography in framing the perception of history

School Photos in Liquid Time
Reframing Difference
By Marianne Hirsch and Leo Spitzer

Learn more about a major source of fresh-cut roses and flowers

Roses from Kenya
Labor, Environment, and the Global Trade in Cut Flowers
By Megan A. Styles

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  • Giving Historical Context to Elizabeth Warren’s Plan for Native Americans
    On August 16, Senator Elizabeth Warren announced the policy she will pursue for American Indians if she wins the presidency in 2020. While the New York Times called it a plan to “help” Native Americans, the Huffington Post emphasized Warren’s intent to “empower tribal nations,” noting specifically her desire “to reverse” a 1978 Supreme Court […]
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