The first biography of one of Montana’s most celebrated writers

Norman Maclean

A Life of Letters and Rivers

By Rebecca McCarthy

Nativism, pseudoscience, and the campaign against the enemy within

Oregon’s Others

Gender, Civil Liberties, and the Surveillance State in the Early Twentieth Century

By Kimberly Jensen

An accessible foray into botany’s origins and how we can transform its future

Botany of Empire

Plant Worlds and the Scientific Legacies of Colonialism

By Banu Subramaniam

The autobiography of an indefatigable visionary and citizen activist

A Will to Serve

Stories of Patience, Persistence, and Friends Made Along the Way

By Jim Ellis and Jennifer Ott

A fascinating guide to the secret worlds of the intertidal zone

Between the Tides in California

Exploring Beaches and Tidepools

By Ryan P. Kelly, Terrie Klinger, Patrick J. Krug, and John J. Meyer.

Explores the Skidegate model village carved by Haida artists for the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair

Skidegate House Models

From Haida Gwaii to the Chicago World’s Fair and Beyond

By Robin K. Wright

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  • Meet University of Washington Press Acquisitions Fellow Justine Sargent
    The University of Washington Press was pleased to welcome Justine Sargent as an acquisitions fellow this past fall. Most recently, Justine interned at Getty Publications after receiving a BA in English and a Minor in Film, Television, and Digital Media from the University of California, Los Angeles. Her research interests include 19th–20th century British and […]
  • Alaska Native Resilience: Q&A with Holly Miowak Guise
    In Alaska Native Resilience: Voices from World War II, Holly Miowak Guise draws on a wealth of oral histories and interviews with Indigenous elders to explore the multidimensional relationship between Alaska Natives and the US military during the Pacific War. The forced relocation and internment of Unangax̂ in 1942 proved a harbinger of Indigenous loss […]
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