The rise of an improbable bike culture in the Emerald City

Biking Uphill in the Rain

The Story of Seattle from behind the Handlebars

By Tom Fucoloro

An infamous voyage explores the hazardous waste trade and environmental justice

The Toxic Ship

The Voyage of the Khian Sea and the Global Waste Trade

By Simone M. Müller

2022 Independent Publisher Book Award for Animals/Pets (Gold)


Dispatches from the Backyard Chicken Movement

By Gina G. Warren

Analyzes a film genre's confrontation of a regional identity

Menacing Environments

Ecohorror in Contemporary Nordic Cinema

By Benjamin Bigelow

A New Collection of Southeast Asian Writing

The First Five

By Chan Wai Han

How mega-dams, industrial agriculture, and other developments challenge ecosystem resilience

An Ecological History of Modern China

By Stevan Harrell

A probe of the environmental and sociocultural effects of industrialization and nuclear disaster on coastal livelihoods

Fukushima Futures

Survival Stories in a Repeatedly Ruined Seascape

By Satsuki Takahashi

Reveals how imperial power and local resistance have shaped landscapes

Ecologies of Empire in South Asia, 1400-1900

By Sumit Guha. Foreword by K. Sivaramakrishnan

Highlights new directions in the field and topics of interest to undergraduate students

Sustaining Natures

An Environmental Anthropology Reader

Edited by Sarah R. Osterhoudt and K. Sivaramakrishnan

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  • Not Native American Art: Q&A with Janet Catherine Berlo
    The faking of Native American art objects has proliferated as their commercial value has increased, but even a century ago experts were warning that the faking of objects ranging from catlinite pipes to Chumash sculpture was rampant. Through a series of historical and contemporary case studies, Janet Catherine Berlo engages with troubling and sometimes confusing […]
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