Please look for our editors and marketing staff at these upcoming conferences and trade shows:

Fall/Winter 2022

Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association (PNBA)

September 18-20, 2022

Tacoma, WA


Western History Association (WHA)

October 12–15, 2022

San Antonio, TX


Annual Conference on South Asia (ACSA)

October 19–22, 2022

Madison, WI


American Studies Association (ASA)

November 3-6, 2022

New Orleans, LA


American Anthropological Association (AAA)

November 9–13, 2022

Seattle, WA


National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA)

November 10-13, 2022

Minneapolis, MN

Spring/Summer 2023

College Art Association (CAA)

February 15-18, 2023

New York, NY


Association for Asian Studies (AAS)

March 16–19, 2023

Boston, MA


American Society of Environmental History (ASEH)

March 22–26, 2023

Boston, MA


Organization of American Historians (OAH)

March 30–April 2, 2023

Los Angeles, CA


Association for Asian American Studies (AAAS)

April 6–8, 2023

Long Beach, CA


Native American and Indigenous Studies Association (NAISA)

May 11-13, 2023
Toronto/Tkaronto, Ontario, Canada


Berkshire Conference of Women, Genders and Sexualities (Berks)

June 28–July 2, 2023

Santa Clara, CA


Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast (ASPAC)

Dates and Location TBD